Modern society crushes the human spirit, nullifies our natural instincts and turns us into automatons. It does this without malice. It’s just the system. It has to channel us in an attempt to maintain order.

Many people may believe that it has to be this way or there would be chaos. Due to the industrialized society we live in this may be true. Human beings are responsible for the creation of technology both old and new. …

Two articles in the Rutland Herald this past Saturday caught my attention. Both of these articles focused on education in Vermont. The first article was written by former Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine and was titled, Building back better in schools. In this article, Mr. Racine writes about creating Community Schools in Vermont.

In these schools, Mr. Racine suggests students will find dental and health services, mental health counselors, pre-K programs, after school and summer programs, and family social services. Mr. Racine does say that many of these services can already be found but are hard to access in rural areas.

Colin Lloyd

Part of the blame for the current chaos here in the United States is the antiquated system of transition. In a Parliamentary Democracy in Australia for example, it takes less than a week after the election result is called and it’s rare for it to exceed three days before the new Prime Minister is physically in the office and undertaking the responsibilities of the government. This includes choosing and swearing in a new Cabinet.

The parliament goes into caretaker mode the moment an election campaign starts and that cannot be for longer than six weeks. …

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Chapter 14

Dalir as he was known on the streets of Tehran was growing hungry. Over the last few weeks, he had been eating on a regular schedule and realized he was getting accustomed to it.

He had no idea of where he was; only that he was warm, fed, and had not ingested any drugs since he got here. It was difficult at first. He saw things crawling everywhere while his body shook and sweat poured into his eyes. …

Front Back Charles Laramie

The alarm woke Ryan at five o’clock. A man and woman were talking about the week ahead. What was on the lunch menu for the local schools? If he weren’t running he’d leave it on and listen while he got ready for work. At least it made sound like he wasn’t alone in the house. But this morning he was headed out for a run so he shut it off as he swung his feet to the floor.

He reached over and grabbed his shorts, pulled his running shirt over his head, and grabbed a fresh pair of socks. He…

Daniel Jensen

I was inspired to write this piece after reading Claire Kelly’s, “I Flirted With Death.” I’ve often flirted with death but not, in the same manner, she describes in her piece.

I have thought about writing this many times but hesitated because it is not something you are supposed to acknowledge. If you do acknowledge it, people will think you should be in therapy. I have known people who have done it, given in. I have attempted it once but lived. I didn’t want to and as it was happening I felt the greatest sense of peace I have ever…

Front Back Charles Laramie

Jim Walton was driving home from work. He was still a little spooked from finding a dead body. He’d thought seriously about quitting. But the job was a good experience. If he really wanted to work in law enforcement he should expect to see dead bodies.

He’d left Manchester at seven this morning. He had just enough time to get home and catch a few hours’ sleep before class. It’d been a little over two weeks since he had found Steve Grabben dead in his car. He’d read the article in the paper the next day discovering there had been…

Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash

Sari Blanchard was worried. It was five forty-five and Rachel should have been home at least an hour ago. They had a standing agreement that if she killed a deer she would call and say she would be late.

Tonight there had been no call. Sari had tried calling her cell phone and it had gone to message. Rachel wasn’t picking up. It had been too dark to see for an hour now. She would give her fifteen more minutes and then she was going to call her husband.

She hated the idea of her only child hunting. The fact…

President Biden hesitated this week, backing away from a campaign promise to create a police reform commission. The reason he said is that it could hurt the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. President Biden was playing politics.

Americans are told that not all police officers are killers. That statement then begs this question, What are the odds that so many people of color have the misfortune of only being pulled over by those who are?

Representative Jim Jordan this week went off on Dr. Fauci claiming that Fauci was taking away Americans' First Amendment rights. …

Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash

Rachel Blanchard was a junior at Burr and Burton high school. She wasn’t one of the popular girls and that was fine with her; she didn’t strive to be. She stood five-five and weighed a hundred and fifteen pounds. She ran a little and hiked when she could.

She also liked to deer hunt and was known around school as a good shot. Last deer season she had tagged an eight-point one hundred-seventy pound buck. She knew some of the boys at school were jealous.

She had shoulder-length black curly hair and dark eyes. She drove an old gray Ford…

Charles Laramie

I am a father, brother, and a son. Like many I’m a dreamer. I have traveled far and met wonderful people. Regardless of culture our search is the same.

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